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Why tutoring?


"While most parents think their children are receiving a quality education, the majority of American students are falling behind. The consequences to our children's education are dramatic."
~Provided by the Board Foundation of Education

Our tutoring programs focuses on giving children the confidence in the material backed by the resources they need in order to achieve. I have found in my over 35 years that being a tutor is not enough. Children need a mentor and a guide who they can trust and respect, rather than a grumpy tenured person who just tells them what to do. That does not promote growth or confidence. The relationship aspect of tutoring is critical, especially in early foundational years of education. That’s why our programs focus so much on it. We believe that all learning gains will be significantly increased if the student likes and trusts their tutor, and believes that their tutor is sincerely and genuinely interested in them as a human being.

Tutoring is a different ball game than just school work. There are small nuances at each grade level. Children are going through an unprecedented amount of change in their early lives. Everything around them is changing: their bodies, their peer groups, the thoughts in their head, their restless energy and the emotions in their heart. This makes early school a perfect time for tutoring. It’s an ideal time where a tutor can come alongside the student and provide them with guidance and a foundation for future growth. One important concept we recommend to parents is providing the child with unconditional positive regard. This means we should accept them as who they are without any judgment. We must support them. We are there for them. This provides students with a healthy, safe place from which they can develop their own unique confidence, skills, and abilities. 

It’s truly never too early to start your child on a path towards learning success and mastery.
We teach best when learning is visual and engaging. Let's us help your child become the student and the person he was meant to be.

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Academic Enrichment


Every child is different, obviously, with unique needs and learning styles. It is our belief that every child can learn and improve through the attention of an individualized learning program.

​This philosophy can build self esteem while motivated and encouraging students in a friendly, supportive environment.

Academic Tutoring

+ Organizational & Study Skills

+ Reading
+ Writing
+ Math
+ K12
+ Creative Writing
+ Science

+ English

+ History

+ Spanish/French/Hebrew

+ AP Prep

+ Creative Writing

Test Prep


+ SAT/ACT Prep

+ GRE Prep



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